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    A Number of New Changes

    April 10th, 2010 by admin 6 comments so far (is that a lot?)

    Here are some new changes as of Friday April 9, 2010.

    * Added Energy, max 1000 EP, you win it building, killing, assisting etc. !energy command.
    * Added !heal Cost 1000E
    * Added !icewave Cost 500E
    * LiskBalls, right click with normal lisk, try it. Cost 1000E
    * Dretch explosion now have the icewave effect with it.
    * Now stamina usage when jumping is reduced, help with the turret blocking ways.
    * Newbie protection, if a newbie get killed 3 times in a row with 1 minut of god, or 2 kills what ever happend first.
    * Removed area building, since bps were ulimited it caused the way to much lag.
    * 460 bps each team.

    And please doubly note the following server changes:

    * Changed W server port to 8000, can connect using /connect blogwtf.com:8000
    This also means that you must update your favorites list if you have W added to it.
    * Now the W is white.

    * F server has been killed. It was too cpu intensive, the server couldn’t handle it.

    Thanks for playing WTF Servers and keep playing!

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    6 Responses to “A Number of New Changes”

    1. LoneWolf says:

      *Heal is now 500ep and Icewave 200ep liskball is gone now (too much of a hassel to change noise and look and no one used it but LoneWolf and Adama)

      Also !icewave is an unknown command fix plz.

    2. Mr.War says:

      You could put !reloadammo <<<. it would help much in the game. =D

    3. Mr.War says:

      Reloadammo = immediate ammunition.only makes clear… =)

    4. Mr.War says:

      oops messed up there, plus you get the idea

    5. Vinc says:

      where do i appy for admin please ? i want 3lvl =)

    6. WTR says:

      whta is lisk 😮 ? And aww the F server is dead ?

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