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    First where is your base Folder

    Windows Xp: C:\Program Files\Tremulous\base\
    Mac: /Applications/Tremulous/base/
    Linux/Bsd: /home/USERNAME/.tremulous/base/
    Windows Vista: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Tremulous\base\

    Create the file alien.cfg in your base folder

    bind 1 "class level1;echo ^3Basilisk"
    bind 2 "class level1upg;echo ^3Advanced Basilisk"
    bind 3 "class level2;echo ^3Marauder"
    bind 4 "class level2upg;echo ^3Advanced Marauder"
    bind 5 "class level3;echo ^3Dragoon"
    bind 6 "class level3upg;echo ^3Advanced Dragoon"
    bind 7 "class level4;echo ^3Tyrant"
    bind p "build eggpod;+attack;-attack"
    bind o "say_team ^1RC DOWN, ATTACK!; say_team ^1REACTOR DOWN, ATTACK!"
    bind i "say_team ^1SAW INCOMING; say_team ^1DEFEND!!"
    bind l say_team ^1ENEMY BASE IS WEAK. FINISH THEM OFF!!
    bind k "build trapper;+attack;-attack"
    bind j "build overmind;+attack;-attack"
    bind h say_team ^1INCOMING SAW!! DEFEND!!
    bind g "build acid_tube;+attack;-attack"
    bind f4 exec alien.cfg
    bind f5 exec human.cfg

    Create the file human.cfg in your base folder

    bind 0 "sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy larmour;buy helmet"
    bind 1 "sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy mdriver;buy larmour;buy helmet;buy battpack;echo ^9Mass Driver"
    bind 2 "sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy shotgun;buy larmour;buy helmet;echo ^9Shotgun"
    bind 3 "sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy chaingun;buy larmour;buy helmet;echo ^9Chaingun"
    bind 4 "sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy rifle;buy larmour;buy helmet;echo ^9Rifle"
    bind 5 "sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy lcannon;buy larmour;buy helmet;buy battpack;echo ^9Lucifer Cannon"
    bind 6 "sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy chaingun;buy bsuit;echo ^9Chainsuit"
    bind 7 "sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy lgun;buy larmour;buy helmet;buy battpack;echo ^9Lasgun"
    bind 8 "sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy prifle;buy larmour;buy helmet;buy battpack;echo ^9Pulse Rifle"
    bind p "build telenode;+attack;-attack"
    bind o "say_team ^1OM DOWN, ATTACK!; say_team ^1OVERMIND DOWN, ATTACK!"
    bind i "say_team ^1BASE IS UNDER HEAVY ATTACK; say_team ^1GET ARMOUR AND USE YOUR BLASTER!!"
    bind l say_team ^1ENEMY BASE IS WEAK. FINISH THEM OFF!!
    bind k "build tesla;+attack;-attack"
    bind j "build repeater;+attack;-attack"
    bind h say_team ^1INCOMING ADV GOON!! DEFEND!!
    bind g "build medistat;+attack;-attack"
    bind f4 exec alien.cfg
    bind f5 exec human.cfg

    Open the file autogen.cfg

    And add the lines:

    bind F4 "exec alien.cfg"
    bind F5 "exec human.cfg"

    Now open tremulous, when you are playing in aliens press F4 and when you are playing humans press F5, then press the keys for predefined actions just check the code and u will have the idea.


    bind 1 “sell weapons;sell upgrades;buy mdriver;buy larmour;buy helmet;buy battpack;echo ^9Mass Driver”

    means when your press the key 1 you sell the weapons, sell the upgrades, buy the mdriver, larmour, helmet and battpack.

    All creadits for: gOnE http://xserverx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=516

    38 Responses to “Binds”

    1. (Ny)warrior says:

      i just wanted ot know when admin apps. r going to be opened??

    2. colurful says:

      When you say create a file, is a file a text document if not how do u get a file?

    3. Sinister-Blade says:

      What you do is copy the original config.

      Then rename it.

      Open the new file with a program so you can read it
      (wordpad works great.)

      Add your binds.

      Ta-Dah !

    4. joe says:

      when i hit f5 i get the error “couldnt exec human.cfg” what does this error mean? and how can i fix it? thanks

    5. Anthrax {T n' B} says:

      Binds are geneus!

    6. Anthrax {T n' B} says:


    7. admin says:

      that means the file human.cfg isnt on the base folder.

    8. neo[rulz] says:

      kann einer dem trondheim die admmin rechte abnehmen plz

    9. umm i have a question …. i have binds but they all talk in team chat. how do i make them talk where everyone can see’em???

    10. admin says:

      @Anthrax Radiation
      with say instead of say_team, anyways its pretty much annoying using binds in global chat since have nothing to do with gameplay and you could win a mute for that.

    11. you can seriously get mutes by that?

    12. SuperMouse says:


    13. ummm … can somebody send me a bind folder? xD
      to my email … its …. pervysage13@yahoo.com
      thx if u do =]


    15. Anthrax {ZitS} says:

      hey whats the bind 2 wall walk? the button is c … i dont have wall walk -.- some1 tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thx

    16. CS says:

      @Anthrax {ZitS}
      I do not know the code for changing it, but I do know you can change it in controls in your in-game tremulous options menu also check if its on toggle you may have to turn it on or else you have to hold C down to wall walk and let go of C to stop.

      @Anthrax Radiation
      view this forum for more information on binds: http://xserverx.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=35

    17. Wasted says:

      Does anyone know if shift(1) works as a keybind? I want to use shift and control to save space for both humans and aliens on my keyboard.

      Thanks for any help!

    18. lucifer666s8n says:

      I did as explained here… One problem… Nothin happens, when I press F4 or f5, or any bind keys… Please advise further… Thank you.

    19. [PRO]BOO says:

      oii anthrax how do u check wat ppl atre coming in trem i wanna know it only shows me to 5 on the side

      ?? how do u check

    20. [PRO]BOO says:

      oii anthrax radiation how do u check wat ppl atre coming in trem i wanna know it only shows me to 5 on the side
      ?? how do u check

    21. John-117 says:

      how do u create the file so u can place the binds???

    22. John-117 says:

      how are u even supposed to put them in???

    23. how the hell do create the alien.cfg and human cfg in base folder??? :S

      any help is appreciated,

      Rock on [PRO]‘s!


    24. John-117 :
      how do u create the file so u can place the binds???

      I finally figured it out John-117, you open a wordpad or notepad, and add your binds, simply save them as ‘alien.cfg’ or ‘human.cfg’.
      Run Autogen and there you go!

      Hope i Helped Out John-117,


    25. thoidingjam says:

      dyu have a mystat to look on my own ingame history ? player id?

    26. {FN}BlueCelery2 says:

      hey guys i have ubuntu and i cant find the base folder any ideas

    27. {FN}BlueCelery2 says:

      nvm i found it

    28. {FN}BlueCelery2 says:

      but i have another qustion i dont have the autogen.cfg file

    29. {kO} REDWOLF says:

      Hello, I was recently muted for bind spamming, I have removed my binds and will not do them again, I was told by the server thingy to go to the forums and appeal, but this seems to be the closest thing. So, please unmute me, e-mail me back about the status. Thanks.

    30. **SPARTA** says:

      If anybody needs any help with their binds or wants to apply some to make things easier, any server you play i can help.

      Forward you e-mails to the adress given for help, and information.


    31. **SPARTA** says:

      have you looked into the ProgramFiles section for autogen.cfg, if not try downloading again to get the autogen.cfg option.

    32. paul says:

      you suck Xserver

    33. meow says:

      During register process,theysay they are not responsible for any hacking.What if they hack,can they access our computer files and passwords and what we are doing???

    34. meow says:

      they cannot .if they do hack,they can only just access your foroum account only.it is very safe do not need to worry.i am a foroum account under meow .it is very safe no one hacked my foriengn account.thks

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