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    How to open the tremulous console.

    You need to press the Key ~


    And thats how the tremulous console looks:


    To close it press the same key.

    23 Responses to “Console”

    1. {Tempest} says:

      Wow…Seriously? Trem players really need a guide on how to open and close a console? That’s like the first thing they should learn. After all, that’s the first thing I learned when playing trem.

    2. admin says:

      alot of people dont even know what the console its.

    3. Danilo says:

      I’m Brazilian,i need press the button ‘ to open console 🙂

    4. Aussie says:

      I didn’t and then someone told me.

    5. Anthrax{CABOOSE} says:

      i didnt know it was possible to not know how to open the console!

    6. fdasfsdf says:

      Wow, i didnt know how to open console! But now i learned, so thanks! -.-

    7. joe says:

      add a section to this with commands that could be use full (Bind itemtoggle jetpack)

    8. carlitos says:

      in my keyboard (latinamerica) its alt gr +

    9. a turret says:

      Umm, how do i login? I’m back(a turret) and ready to play 😀

    10. a turret says:

      Never mind…..i forgot my account stuff…so i guess.. sniff sniff ill make a new one XD

    11. WtFbbqomgxD says:

      Lol so u just press the ”`/” key to open it.. thats so simple, i was trying all kind of guides to find 1 to open it.. thanks u guys rock xD
      i love trem, and u wanna go onto
      and see what there doing
      and that!

    12. benji says:

      Hi on my computer it doesn’t work and it is an english one… i would just like to know what button i should use instead for it to work.

    13. Zoror[$$] says:

      How can i be an admin???

    14. CellTech says:

      People seriously need to know how to do this?

    15. Avarionist says:

      lol my real terminal (in ubuntu using guake) is also tilda haha but been playing trem longer than ive had guake which is kinda sad cause i still suck

    16. olaf524 says:

      wow u really dont need this guide

    17. **SPARTA** says:

      Danilo :
      Im Brazilian,i need press the button to open console

      we all do nuffy

    18. paul says:

      x server suck

    19. Super-Fire says:

      Shut up Paul

    20. Rayla says:

      soz.Every learns to open console in every games since most uses it to cheat lol >.>

    21. ZerGio says:

      We should update this webpage

    22. jordan90 says:

      guys how do i update my client

    23. juan manuel says:

      oe como hago pa activar las granadas en el w server?

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