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    Adama(Coding, Mod Art)

    Sex (Coding, Mod Art)

    HermXIV (Coding, Webmaster)

    LoneWolf (Mapping, Mod Art)

    Linux (Server Admin, Mapper)

    Rice (Server Admin)

    HUMAHATER(Server Admin)

    Gus(Server Admin, Mapper)

    Malao(Server Admin)

    DarkTemplar(Server Admin)

    Killingspree, Machiavelli, Shinigami(Server Admin)

    Blue*anti(Server Admin)

    Current(Server Admin)

    Phantom(Server Admin)

    Kronos(Server Admin)

    Swamp-Cecil(Server Admin, Mapper)

    Donskov(Server Admin)

    Please: If im missing someone or something let me know on the comments and i will add as soon i can.

    4 Responses to “Credits”

    1. Linux says:

      PLease remove ban No 281 IP adress

      I was accused i was a deconer. I was not a deconer. Humans were attacking bunker where the om was, i deconed it to bring back to starting place, but i could not get out from the bunker, i was killed. For that reason i was accused to be a deconer. I can assure you. i like this game, and i do not harm, o ruin the game.

      Thank you.

    2. juan says:

      plese i nedd build forever plz

    3. juan says:

      pl< i ned buik in w plz

    4. Donovan says:

      hey! im an admin!!! why didnt you add me???
      please add me as soon as u can 😀

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