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    Im Back

    March 19th, 2011 by admin 6 comments so far (is that a lot?)

    Hello, im back on the head of Xservers, that means there will be some changes around, if you are cool you have nothing to worry about.

    There is a new server running for those who like to fight vs bots the server is named F in red


    • Can buy bots
    • Can control bots
    • Can buy power full bullets

    you can connect directly using the command:

    /connect f.xserverx.com

    There are some handy commands do !help for a list.

    In other news Sex is modding the X server, so expect some changes and the server may get broke at some stages, if is the case and you are an admin with ssh access, and sex isnt avaliable you can restore our last stable qvm.

    ManBearPig Thank you very much for taking care of the servers on my retirement, you will be always welcome on our servers, good luck with your new projects man.

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    6 Responses to “Im Back”

    1. […] This led to a horrible divide among the XserverX community, especially as it was taken over by its former head (and founder of a rival server group known as “WTF“) […]

    2. heahoehahoeayeoahehaoheoayhoea

    3. Big Boots Bill says:

      Isn’t xServers dead?

    4. Red Shirt Dude says:

      No, it survived…

    5. chris says:

      yeah alex whats up with that?

    6. Alanna93 says:

      Oh my beloved football club in the city i get in touch with my second house.. Aston Villa , the issues i will endure to come see you Yeah I am a bit mental going to Birmingham so much but here’s the deal OK Truly its because of this club that i got to meet all the great men and women that i get totally hammered with every single time i see them hahaha !

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