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    Lag an issue? Read below

    July 15th, 2010 by admin 1 comment so far

    Some quick lag reduction techniques, by popular request. (thanks Dulcimer Cannon for writing) For more info or questions please refer to our tech support forums @ www.xserverx.com/forums

    1) Check how much bandwidth your using: Often times you experience lag because many people are using your internet at the same time. Despite how may seem, your internet is not doing everything at once. If for example you are downloading a youtube video while loading a web page and talking on AIM, even though it seems it is all happening at the same time, it is really only doing one of these activities at a time, it just switches which activity it is doing really fast. What this means, is if you are doing too much stuff at the same time on the internet, it has to switch to do more stuff each second, and it has less time to spend on sending packets and receiving packets from/to our server, making your connection laggy. To fix this, get other people to stop using your internet, and shut down applications that are using your internet (other than trem of course).

    2) Check to see how many applications you have open: LIke your internet, your computer can only do one thing at a time (technically it can do more depending on how many CPU’s/cores you have… but thats another story). So, if you have 100 applications open, and they are all actively doing something, your computer is only going to be spending 1% of its time working on trem! To fix this, close your applications when you aren’t using them!

    3) Living far away from our servers: If your computer is far away from our servers, it takes longer for your computer to talk to the server’s computers, and will cause lag. sadly, there isn’t really much we can do to fix this problem, other then trying to get a connection that is closer to us (Our servers are located in the US [Texas to be precise]).

    4) Random 999ing: If you randomly 999 it almost always means you need to reset your router. If you are still randomly 999ing, try resetting your computer.

    5) 999ing but still able to see people move: This is also a fairly common problem (depending on how good your router is), where you 999, but you can still see people move fine. This means that your uplink (the part of your router that sends information) is freezing. To fix this, just reset your router, if that doesn’t work, reset your computer.

    6) Low frame-rate: Low framerate will also often times effect your ping. If you have a low framerate, try lowering your graphical settings (I explain how to do this in a section below).


    Can there be lag from the server? Yes, but in-general the dev team fixes any server-lag pretty fast, and its fairly unlikely that the server is the cause of your lag

    My lag didn’t fall into the 6 common lag problems – what do I do? Reset your computer, reset your router, then lower your graphical settings.

    Will my ping go up if I have a low framerate? Quite often, yes. Lower your graphical settings, and try resetting your computer!

    Are the X servers (X, A and V) unlagged? Yes.

    What does unlagged mean? Unlagged means that we save an array of player states/positions, and then access the correct state/position for the time when you originally shot your weapon for the hit test —— Basically, you don’t have to adjust your aim for lag.

    Will having a bad router increase lag? Yes, low quality routers won’t operate as quickly as higher quality routers, and will thus cause more lag for you.

    Will having a bad computer increase lag? Yes, a slow computer/low quality computer will not be able to process data as quickly, and will not be able to output data as quickly, which will increase your lag.

    Can HUD’s increase lag? Yes, certain HUD’s lag more than others.

    Is there any ways to get faster internet without getting a new router/computer? Yes, you can try either upgrading your internet package with your ISP (Internet Service Provider [The company that gives you your internet]), or you can switch ISPs altogether.

    Lowering your graphical settings:
    While in-game, press the esc key. Then hit the options button, then hit the System button. From there hit GfxHardware. From there you set the following:
    Video Mode <- the higher this is, the longer it takes to render, the more lag you will get Color Depth <- I use default, it doesn't make too much difference Fullscreen <- if this is enabled Video Mode doesn't matter, and it will use maximum resolution Lighting <- use the lightmap medium/high setting Geometric Detail <- Lower this Texture Detail <- Unless you have a small amount of RAM, this doesn't matter much Texture Quality <- Unless you have a small amount of RAM, this doesn't matter much Texture Filter <- Change to bilinear Hit apply. Open up the GfxSoftware tab and set the following: Marks On Walls <- no Dynamic Lights <- hell no Low Quality Sky <- no (Unless you have an abnormally small amount of RAM, in which case chose yes) Sync Every Frame <- no Depth Sort Particles <- yes Particle Physics <- low quality Light Flares <- off Apply.

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