Human Credits: 26858
Alien Evos: 392
Time Played: 1293 Minutes
Last Time Seen: 2014-05-21
Games Won: 53

Structures Built: 201
Structures Killed: 1198

Badges Adquired

Skilled Dealed over 100 headshots
Survivalist Dont die for over 15 minutes
I Bite Pretty Hard kill a human with battlesuit while using a dretch
Spitter Kill a Human while using the barb of the granger
Legendary Destructor Has killed over 1000 structures
Gattling Gun Kill one Tyrant while using the chaingun
Pain master Killed 5 aliens in a row with the psaw
Alien Guillotine Dealed 50 headshots in a game
Attack Granger Kill 1 Human while using a granger
I like my eggs...scrambled Kill 3 eggs with a saw within 2 minutes
Flying Dragoon Pounce and kill over 5 humans while being a dragoon in 1 life.
Structure Killer Killed over 50 Structures in one game
David and Goliath Kill a tyrant the lasgun
Red right hand-y weapon Kill a goon in one lucifer cannon shot.
Stealth Killer killed 10 enemy's while on invisible mode.
Divine Gift Killed 5 Enemy while using God Mode
Guardian Angel Assist over 20 times in 1 game
Learner Played at least 5 Hours
Newbie Has won the the newbie bonus for first time

Missing Badges

* Anti-Sniper kill 2 adv goon with your mass driver
* Banker Used bank for first time
* Blast it! Killed over 15 aliens by a blaster in a game
* Builder Has built 50 structures
* Electric Eel Killed 3 humans with Zap
* Entusiast Played 50 Hours
* Fanatic Played over 200 Hours
* Fire Breathing Human kill 10 Dretches in 1 Flamethrower without reloading in an armoury
* Freezing Field Icewave over 5 enemies in 1 icewave
* Hugs and Swipings kill 2 Humans while using a basilisk on 1 life
* Legendary Win over 100 Games
* Legendary Builder Has built over 1000 structures
* Poison Freak kill 3 Humans by a Poisoned Icewave
* Pro Nader kill 5 aliens with 1 grenade
* Saver Has over 100,000c/666e on the bank
* Specialist Kill the reactor by the goon barbs
* Starcraft Kill one Tyrant While using a Rifle
* Strategist Build 200 Buildings in one game
* Suicide Bomber kill 3 humans in 1 dretch nade
* The Mad Granger Kill 1 Human wearing a Battle Suit with the Granger swipe
* Tyrant's Might Charge and kill upto 3 humans in 1 Tyrant life
* Ultra Granger Destroy The Reactor While being a Granger