Human Credits: 8702890
Alien Evos: 570
Time Played: 479506 Minutes
Last Time Seen: 2016-02-06
Games Won: 5709

Structures Built: 90050
Structures Killed: 85692

Badges Adquired

Legendary Win over 100 Games
Fanatic Played over 200 Hours
Skilled Dealed over 100 headshots
Survivalist Dont die for over 15 minutes
Starcraft Kill one Tyrant While using a Rifle
I Bite Pretty Hard kill a human with battlesuit while using a dretch
Legendary Builder Has built over 1000 structures
Legendary Destructor Has killed over 1000 structures
Strategist Build 200 Buildings in one game
Gattling Gun Kill one Tyrant while using the chaingun
Pain master Killed 5 aliens in a row with the psaw
Alien Guillotine Dealed 50 headshots in a game
Anti-Sniper kill 2 adv goon with your mass driver
Attack Granger Kill 1 Human while using a granger
I like my eggs...scrambled Kill 3 eggs with a saw within 2 minutes
Hugs and Swipings kill 2 Humans while using a basilisk on 1 life
Structure Killer Killed over 50 Structures in one game
Entusiast Played 50 Hours
David and Goliath Kill a tyrant the lasgun
Red right hand-y weapon Kill a goon in one lucifer cannon shot.
Stealth Killer killed 10 enemy's while on invisible mode.
Divine Gift Killed 5 Enemy while using God Mode
Pro Nader kill 5 aliens with 1 grenade
Fire Breathing Human kill 10 Dretches in 1 Flamethrower without reloading in an armoury
Guardian Angel Assist over 20 times in 1 game
Saver Has over 100,000c/666e on the bank
Builder Has built 50 structures
Learner Played at least 5 Hours
Banker Used bank for first time
Newbie Has won the the newbie bonus for first time

Missing Badges

* Blast it! Killed over 15 aliens by a blaster in a game
* Electric Eel Killed 3 humans with Zap
* Flying Dragoon Pounce and kill over 5 humans while being a dragoon in 1 life.
* Freezing Field Icewave over 5 enemies in 1 icewave
* Poison Freak kill 3 Humans by a Poisoned Icewave
* Specialist Kill the reactor by the goon barbs
* Spitter Kill a Human while using the barb of the granger
* Suicide Bomber kill 3 humans in 1 dretch nade
* The Mad Granger Kill 1 Human wearing a Battle Suit with the Granger swipe
* Tyrant's Might Charge and kill upto 3 humans in 1 Tyrant life
* Ultra Granger Destroy The Reactor While being a Granger