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     General player rules and guidelines

    1. Do not build in non playable areas of the map (Glitch build.)
    2. Do not intentionally block your team mates or build structures that will block your team.
    3. No racially offensive names
    4. No “LOL Binds”. This rule applies to admins also. No excessive spammy binds.
    5. No malicious deconning.
    6. When admins are not present, terrible building is to be handled with /callteamvote denybuild playername
    7. If you suspect someone of using cheats, record your evidence and post to forums for review.
    8. Do not impersonate admins or engage in behaviour that will portray you are being an admin.
    9. Cheats such as aimbots, wallhacks will get you banned.
    10. Do not discipline/argue with admins on the game servers. Admin behaviour/actions is to be reported on forums.
    11. Attempts to evade mutes/bans/kicks will result in harsher penalties.
    12. Do not ghost. i.e. giving player/structure status as spectator or giving your team vitals in public chat.
    13. Religious, cultural, and racial intolerance as well as other forms of bigotry are strictly forbidden.
    14. Some profanity that is common to online gaming communities is tolerated but if overdone and becomes targeted harassment will be met with action from admins.

    These guidelines are periodically updated. It is your responsibility as a player and admin to keep up to date with the changes.


    Admin guidelines

    1. !putteam is only allowed for
      – Moving yourself
      – Moving an AFK player to spectator
      – Balancing the teams by number when nobody will do so voluntarily. As an admin, you are expected to move yourself before another player in this situation. Also note this does not apply to the end of match scenario where teams will of course not be balanced.
      – It is forbidden for members of a clan to stack on one team. Distribute the players across both teams. If the players switch back to stack, !warn and !kick if required.
    2. !kick is only allowed for
      -Kicking away from keyboard spectators on a full server.- Kicking players who are behaving maliciously in the game AFTER you have warned them. You are NOT allowed to kick for anything someone says (even about your mother). There is no exception to this.
    3. !ban is only allowed for
      – Banning a player who has already been !kicked, and warned of a ban for malicious game play. EXCEPTIONS: Aimbotters, wallhackers, and bot spammers are instabans. No need to warn or !kick before !ban. Also, any ban over 10 days MUST be reported here. Repeat evaders are to be reported to high ranking admins for addition to our Globals system.
    4. !mute is allowed for
      – Players spamming websites, aimbots.
    5. !rename is only allowed for
      – Giving UnnamedPlayer a better name
      – Renaming players who are using words that promote religious, cultural, or racial intolerance.
    6. !allready
      – Use sparingly. Some people like to talk in intermission. Take note of who has not readied and consider they may be typing. Do NOT do !allready at the start of warmup.
    7. !cancelvote and !passvote
      – Should NOT be used to force your will on the majority. Let the majority of players decide most matters, your admin status does not make your vote any more important than UnnamedPlayer. Further it should be used to cancel ANY kick/mute votes. As an admin it is your responsibility to handle the issue, not the players’.
    8. !adjustban
      – Only allowed for adjusting ban for player who you banned. Exception: Highest ranking admins (Server Operators) can adjust/remove bans placed by lower ranking admins.
    9. !allowbuild
      – Only allowed to allowbuild a player only if you !denybuilt him in the fist place.
    10. !buildlog
      – Will be used only when you see someone is deconning and you need use revert, this will be never used to spy the other team structures status.
    11. !denybuild and !designate
      – Will be never abused to make yourself the only builder on a team, other players like to build too. Please, first tell them what they are doing wrong, and if that doesn’t work, then !denybuild.
    12. !devmap
      – Not allowed, everyone using this will lose their rights, only server operators are allowed to use this command.
    13. !lock
      – Used to lock a team once they have no spawns left in Sudden Death and the game is stagnating.
    14. !revert
      – Only allowed for major decons, for example a Reactor, Overmind, or Eggs and Telenodes in SD, does NOT apply to bad moves/building.
    15. Never use Admin commands over other Admins. In case of abuse, it is to be reported on forums.
    16. !warn
      – Use private messages first, then chat, if the user doesnt stop said behavior, use !warn. Also, dont abuse this command.
    17. Racist remarks can be easily fixed with a /callvote mute theracist
    18. Advertisment of aimbots and aimbot commands equals a ban. Remember to save your demo or condump. Advertisement of other sites is tolerated if not overdone.
    19. Spamming of binds or constant offensive language, /callvote mute, try not to use your powers.
    20. You must be active, if you are inactive for more than 30 consecutive days you can lose your admin rights.

    Failure to abide by these rules can result in various actions ranging from demotion, reset to admin level 1, or banning.

    Sometimes situations don’t fall within these exact guidelines. If you deviate from these rules, make sure you are ready to defend your actions should it be necessary. Benefit of the doubt will always goes to the admin in question.

    15 Responses to “Rules”

    1. Lucifer666s8n says:

      Great rules… I tried to join the forums but I never got a verification email….

    2. Sliker says:

      How I can be member for WTF?

    3. Takion says:

      About these rules, you might want to add a section to what admins can and can’t do on the Zombie server because Menace deconned the repeaters we had and turned our whole base into a zombie base, I believe I heard you say that you’re not allowed to build on zombies, which is obviously what he’s doing. Could you please see to this as you deem fit.

    4. sonny says:

      how do i b on the zombie team

    5. Danish says:

      To join Zombies team you need to wait to time is 10 mins.
      To go there, you need to go to your console: press the Tilde-key (its located over the TAB button and under ESC)
      and write” “/team aliens” (without the “”).

      If an admin had unlocked the team before the time, you can ofcourse join use the command i writed above.

      Console – /team aliens

      Regards Danish

    6. blah blah says:

      In other words as an admin, you are not a god, you are a babysitter. Which is at it should be. Too many kids want admin so they can be abusive. A real admin understands the responsibility and frustration that’s been bestowed upon them.

    7. ILUSION says:

      Great rules. I just joined.. i hope admins will respect this rules!!

    8. |DB|- Olice says:

      This is very helpful people like me lol

    9. Tremx says:

      hey what happen to xserver?? wtf

    10. paul says:

      this rules and x server suck

    11. persi says:


    12. persi says:


    13. aimbot mw3 says:

      Helpful information. Lucky me I found your site accidentally, and I’m stunned why this accident didn’t happened in advance! I bookmarked it.

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