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    W Badges

    Badge System is Work in progress, stay tuned for updates.

    Alien Guillotine Dealed 50 headshots in a game
    Anti-Sniper kill 2 adv goon with your mass driver
    Attack Granger Kill 1 Human while using a granger
    Banker Used bank for first time
    Blast it! Killed over 15 aliens by a blaster in a game
    Builder Has built 50 structures
    David and Goliath Kill a tyrant the lasgun
    Divine Gift Killed 5 Enemy while using God Mode
    Electric Eel Killed 3 humans with Zap
    Entusiast Played 50 Hours
    Fanatic Played over 200 Hours
    Fire Breathing Human kill 10 Dretches in 1 Flamethrower without reloading in an armoury
    Flying Dragoon Pounce and kill over 5 humans while being a dragoon in 1 life.
    Freezing Field Icewave over 5 enemies in 1 icewave
    Gattling Gun Kill one Tyrant while using the chaingun
    Guardian Angel Assist over 20 times in 1 game
    Hugs and Swipings kill 2 Humans while using a basilisk on 1 life
    I Bite Pretty Hard kill a human with battlesuit while using a dretch
    I like my eggs...scrambled Kill 3 eggs with a saw within 2 minutes
    Learner Played at least 5 Hours
    Legendary Win over 100 Games
    Legendary Builder Has built over 1000 structures
    Legendary Destructor Has killed over 1000 structures
    Newbie Has won the the newbie bonus for first time
    Pain master Killed 5 aliens in a row with the psaw
    Poison Freak kill 3 Humans by a Poisoned Icewave
    Pro Nader kill 5 aliens with 1 grenade
    Red right hand-y weapon Kill a goon in one lucifer cannon shot.
    Saver Has over 100,000c/666e on the bank
    Skilled Dealed over 100 headshots
    Specialist Kill the reactor by the goon barbs
    Spitter Kill a Human while using the barb of the granger
    Starcraft Kill one Tyrant While using a Rifle
    Stealth Killer killed 10 enemy's while on invisible mode.
    Strategist Build 200 Buildings in one game
    Structure Killer Killed over 50 Structures in one game
    Suicide Bomber kill 3 humans in 1 dretch nade
    Survivalist Dont die for over 15 minutes
    The Mad Granger Kill 1 Human wearing a Battle Suit with the Granger swipe
    Tyrant's Might Charge and kill upto 3 humans in 1 Tyrant life
    Ultra Granger Destroy The Reactor While being a Granger

    18 Responses to “W Badges”

    1. PoxSpax says:

      Yeah man. This is sick.

    2. Crack says:


    3. LoneWolf says:

      Woot finaly keep up the good work Adama =3

    4. HUMAHATER says:

      i dont know how you do it?!?!?! but you pwn that shitz!!!:P

    5. LinuxCharms says:


    6. {Anthrax} Death Reaper says:

      This is awesome, love this server!!(:

    7. Contra*Panda says:

      how to level to level 2 admin???

    8. can i plz have level 2 admin plz

    9. Yann Yiing says:

      How to become a admin???

    10. persi says:


    11. persi says:


    12. persi says:


    13. persi says:


    14. Campbellz says:

      Persi you have no life lol?

    15. Gwendolyn says:

      Howdy! I simply would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good data you’ve gotten right here on this post. I might be coming back to your weblog for extra soon.

    16. Donovan says:

      Omg why is my name not in the player list? :'( i killed over
      1,237 aliens!!!

    17. Dustin says:

      fix the issues with dmis abusng on w and thisserver woul be the bst online

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