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    X Live Feed

    Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the feed!

    Feed refreshes every 5 seconds

    64 Responses to “X Live Feed”

    1. omg
      they tak for ever

    2. clutch says:

      i love this omg

    3. FOXHOUND y do u always quit when after i or some one els kills you firt comment also 😀 <3 x

    4. [IDK]Tiger says:

      lolderp:o@nuub is mee but i frogot to put dat some wher els XD srry

    5. [IDK]Tiger says:

      y do people be trolls and rant block and what not and randomly kick :/ I don’t know why i just probably half to live threw,

    6. vps says:

      This blog is great. I realy like it!

    7. [IDK]Tiger says:

      Muslim hacked because we kick him and it was for 20 minutes he came back in only in 6 minutes that is hax :/

      have any ides what to do….

    8. bob says:

      aotg.Blvck: is abusing admin powers. says i’m wallhacking.lol what a dumbass

    9. jordan90 says:

      how do i update my server

    10. gishme says:

      guys theres a glitch tremulos

    11. gishme says:

      thres a glitch form tremulous

    12. gishme says:

      when i was dreatch i was far away i saw a human shoots a wall than i do damage so guys i need help with this glitch its makein me lose i move so so fast when i was dreatch a nother humans shootin evrywhare than i died because the glitch . 🙁

    13. jordan90 says:

      hey guys how do i update my client… it always says error- not found 🙁

    14. Heath Miller says:

      There is nothing there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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