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    X Server ranking and other thoughts.

    February 23rd, 2010 by admin 1 comment so far


    In case any of you are looking at the Gametracker banners on this page and wondering what exactly is going on with X server’s rank, fear not. Game tracker classifies Tremulous as a Quake 3 server, which means that actual Quake 3 servers are included in the ranking along with all the Tremulous servers.

    So, while the tracker shows us sliding from 1st to 4th lately we have actually never been more popular. We have an average of 21.6 players on X, while the next most popular tremulous servers are consistently lower. (thats not to say that they aren’t awesome servers themselves)

    Also. We’ve been up here at #1 for a few months now, and its much thanks to our new Dev team and admin staff who have been helping to make this server awesome to play on. (and dont forget Xspectator, and Sex who have been contributing a lot of help with the more technical server admin issues) I think we have come a long way since the changeover, and its all thanks to you guys.

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    One Response to “X Server ranking and other thoughts.”

    1. lucifer666s8n says:

      I love the Serve… Only a slight problem…

      #1- Some of the maps you all use in your rotation/list are not available anymore i.e. map-pmw.pk3, you try and find it and see how far you get lol

      #2- Your X Graphic mod is dead apperntly… Lovely huh?

      I would love to help with this stuff, and help maintain you alls stuff, be involved… Let me know what I can do.

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