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    Z Badges

    Z Badges are here! Expect updates to be coming.

    Axe Me a Question Only get axe kills for an entire round
    Bloodbath Get 1000 kills in a single survival round
    Burn baby Burn! Light 7 zombies on fire with one incendiary round
    Champion Win 500 Rounds
    Deadly Get 100,000 kills
    Eradication Kill 200 zombie nodes
    Exterminator Get 1,000,000 kills
    First Blood Get the first kill in a survival round
    Flawless Go an entire round without getting hurt, and get at least 20 kills
    Fore! Kill 6 zombies with a thrown axe
    Get Your Hands Dirty Kill Your First Zombie
    Gibbed Kill 20+ zombies at once with any weapon
    Guns Blazing Kill 100 zombies in a row with 20HP or less
    Gunslinger Get 1,000 pistol kills
    Hands Tied Make a zombie commit suicide.
    Holey Zombies Fill 30 zombies with holes from a single chaingun clip
    Humanitarian Survive the first 10 minutes of a survival round without killing a zombie
    It Went Boom! Kill 10 enemies with one grenade
    Jump Shot Kill an enemy from the sky, without using any explosives or the lasergun
    Killer Get 10,000 kills
    Laser Sight Get 300 kills in a row with the laser gun
    Last Man Standing Make it to 20 minutes in survival and be the last one alive
    Medic Use 6 medikits on teammates, either domes or heals, in a single round.
    Minefield Kill 50 enemies with mines in one round
    Mr. Streaky Kill at least one zombie every 2 seconds for 2 minutes
    Multikill Get 5 Mass Driver kills in one shot
    Ninja Don't get touched by a survival zombie for 5 minutes
    Once you go human... Taste your first human blood
    Pro Sniper Get 200 headshots in a single game
    Public Enemy No.1 Get 100 Tommy Gun kills in one round
    Rocket Launched Knock 5 enemies off the ground, killing them, with the rocket launcher in one round
    Seen the Light Go down to 1 hp then recover to at least 75 in survival.
    Sucks TuBe You Get 12 kills in a single, normal, grenade launcher shot
    Survivalist Live for 30 minutes in a survival round.
    Survivor Get 1,000 kills
    Tastes Like Chicken Eat a human
    Trap Shoot Kill an enemy with a shotgun while they are in the air
    Ultimate Sacrifice Deploy a medical dome for a teammate, dying in the process
    Wingman Get 200 assists in one round
    Zombie Bait Die 200 times

    9 Responses to “Z Badges”

    1. Nahum says:

      Hi, I’m a fan servers are X and Z are great

      tancks, and bye

    2. paul says:

      this server suck

    3. Campbellz says:

      Epic server!

    4. persi says:

      Campbellz stupid noob suck me HHAHAHHAHAHA PERSI IS GOD YOUR MOM IS PROSTITUTE

    5. persi says:


    6. Campbellz says:

      LOL Persi I think your a very troubled boy/man that is struggling in life.. and also the only words you know are Prostitute and MOM and your not God LMAO your BS so take a hike ding dong >:}

    7. rudy says:

      i love this server its the most awesome server yet

    8. rudy says:

      my name is ^1rudy{^1Z}

    9. Sp00nerism says:

      I think Z is awesome 😀

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